Privacy Policy

Information about the processing of personal data

For purchasing items from the website “” (from now on referred to as “the website”) in accordance with the “General Terms and Conditions” published on the website, it is necessary that you fill out the purchase form. All information required through the purchase form and all further personal data pertaining to the payment and the delivery of goods are necessary for processing the order and for fulfilling the contract: should such data not be provided, Voilak might not be able to fulfill the sales contract.

Further personal data will be provided voluntarily; Voilak will use such data for compiling statistics and for providing you with advertising materials and information on Voilak's products, events and initiatives (both via traditional mail and e-mail). The purchase of items will not be impaired if such latter data will not be provided.

Thorough Mr. Giacomo Demola (legal representative), Voilak Srl is the data controller. Data are processed by Voilak Srl mainly through electronic devices for managing purchase orders (specifically for managing administrative deeds related to purchases, shipping goods, payments, claims and legal disputes, if any), as well as for complying with all applicable laws and regulations (e.g. billing, accounting, national security and so on). Upon being made anonymous, your data might also be used for compiling statistics. Upon your prior approval, personal data may also be used for providing you with advertising materials and information on Voilak's products, events and initiatives (both via traditional mail and e-mail). We will also ask your consent for adding the information pertaining to your on-line purchase (“the service”) - among which, purely by way of example, your address, the products you have been interested in, e-mail address – in a data-base that will be used for promotional or advertising activities. Information pertaining to your credit card will be used only for assessing means of payments, for managing payments and for addressing claims and litigations, if any. To this end, such data will be processed also by the bank that provides the on-line payment services and by the institution that has issued the credit card used for the purchase.

For the aforementioned purposes, and in strict compliance with the extend of your consent, if needed, data can be processed by Voilak's staff, i.e.  by who is in charge of managing the web site, of accounting, of customer services, of marketing activities, and by third parties processing data on our behalf ( purely by way of example, those in charge of IT maintenance, couriers, carriers, legal counsels, companies providing marketing and advertising service and so on); data can also be provided to entitled public authorities.

Our customers can always exert their rights in compliance with the Italian regulations on the protection of personal data in force (art. 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196 issued on June 30th 2003, that sets the right to require information on the very existence of personal data, to be informed about the origin of such personal data and to ask for them to be integrated, amended, cancelled, made anonymous, as well as their block due to the breach of legal rules and the right to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons); customers can also demand to be provided with a list of the data processors and of the third parties to whom such data have been supplied, if any, by contacting us here:

Voilak reserves the right to amend this information note at any time. ??I hereby state to have read the privacy information note and I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose of receiving informative and advertising materials on Voilak's products, initiatives and events – also via e-mail – and I agree for my data to be added to Voilak's clients database for my profile to be outlined and for my preferences to be assessed.