Welcome at Voilak's!

Style's emotions and emotions in style. This word outlines our company's attitude, personality and simplicity. In French the word “voila” means “there it is” or “that's it”, something that has been created, that is prompting a lovely surprise, or an expected result following a smart process...all in all, something that is quickly, instinctively and emotionally perceived in its entirety.

Our style is inspired by creations of home and fashion accessories that have already been highly appreciated by our clients – especially those with verve and a charming personality.

We do not want to burden on our client: they shall only spend money on the good they are purchasing. We don't intend for them to pay for maintaining shops with display windows in the shopping arteries of the most beautiful cities of the world!

Here is Voilak. In Frech we would say “voila Voilak”, an Italian brand, an Italian production, a team passionate about its work and about work in general and led by a deep desire to be near its customers, to assist them with their style choices, with their wish to accentuate their image for underlining their character.

We hope that you'll find out that we have something in common. Actually, the only thing that you'll share with other customers will be the very existence of Voilak, as each item has been crafted in Italy by one of our artisans with selected materials. As a matter of fact, each creation is unique.