Can I waive the purchase?
    How is the price set?
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Question: can I waive the purchase?

    Answer: you can waive whenever you want since right after setting the order up to 10 days after that. Besides honoring your right to withdraw, i.e. your right to waive the purchase, Voilak will be at your disposal for any further remark and will try to solve any problem for 15 days upon your order.


    Question: how do I waive the purchase?

    Answer: by using the “contact” form or by writing at this address: clienti@voilak.com. You will be asked to provide us with both the information pertaining to your order and your contact details. We will get in touch with you and we will agree upon the refund and the return of the purchased items.


    Question: how is the price set?

    Answer: the final price consists of three elements. The first one is the the taxable amount, the second element is set by the taxes on added value (VAT), the third refers to shipping and delivery charges. We would have liked to set a unique and final price, but the VAT is different in each country – actually, it can also differ within the same country – and shipping charges vary depending on the delivery address (they are hence set upon agreement with the couriers).
    Subscribing to our newsletter entitles all customers to a 20% discount. The word to be written within the coupon code for obtaining the discount will be provided at the subscription. For subscribing to the newsletter please follow this link  http://www.voilak.com/newsletter, or visit our homepage and clic on the “subscribe to our newsletter” link (upper left part of the page).
    Moreover, whoever will provide us with a pair of jeans (no need for them to be new!) or will pick-up the purchased items from a delivery point will be entitled to a discount of € 5,00 (five/00)